9.00am – 9.30am : Welcome children & parents/carers
Registration & Discussion regarding Colour, Number, Shape, & Letter of the week and any themes and Festivals we are covering.

9.30am – 10.45am : Free play
Creative activities, Small Group Work, Role-play, Construction, Book Area, Sand/Water Play, Jigsaws & Puzzles, Small World Play
(includes Snack time)

10.45am – 10.50am : Tidy-up time
all children helping

10.50am – 11:00am : Story-time

11.00am – 11.50am : Physical play
Outdoor Play, Music & Dance, Drama, Climbing Equipment, Bike, Buggies, Wheelbarrows, Small Slide, Beams, Carpet Shapes, Parachute, Bean Bags, Bats & Balls, Hoops, Yoga

11.50am – 12:00pm : Circle time
Songs & Rhymes, Musical Instruments

We operate a Lunch Club on Monday-Thursday 12.00pm – 2pm or 3pm. Children to bring their own lunch, which will be stored in the playroom. The cost of the Lunch Club is £6.00 per hour.

12.00pm -Washing Hands for Lunch

12.00pm – 1pm : LunchTime                                                                                            

1pm -2pm/3pm – Free Play -Indoors or Outdoors (weather permitting)

Collection of children
Children must be collected promptly at 12pm, 2pm or 3pm. No child will be allowed to leave the premises with an adult other than the person designated unless the staff are informed beforehand. No child will be allowed to leave with any person under 16 years of age. We charge a Late Collection Fee of £5.00 up to every 15 minutes that your child has not been collected.  If after 15minutes they have still not been collected and we are unable to contact the primary carer, we will then follow our Late Collection of a Child Policy & Procedure and begin to contact alternative carers to collect the child.